If something sounds too good to be true, my reasoning has always been that it probably is not true. Happily this is not my experience with Forest Garden Farm’s CBD salve for sore muscles. I thought CBD was just another health fad that would fade away in time; how wrong I was. I have suffered fromPlanters Facitus and tennis elbow for years now, trying all sorts of conventional remedies for both; from sports creams to braces with little to no relief until one night a couple month ago.
In desperation, I reached out to Alexis and asked her if I could try her CBD salve on my planters facitus. Within minutes of applying the salve to my foot the pain was gone! With repeated use throughout the next couple weeks the facitus actually went completely away, same story with my tennis elbow, now that’s gone away also. Thank you, Alexis. I’m a convert now.
- Brad H.

“I have severe anxiety. But thanks to Forest Garden Farm’s CBD tincture, I can get through the day. Thanks FGF!”  

-Sophia, the Boston terrier